What do you see?



In the pew.

Sitting over there.

What do you see?

Dressed for success?

Clothed in hand-me-downs two sizes too small?

A crisp, new outfit?

A rumpled,wrinkled shirt?

Who do you see?

The preacher’s daughter?

A woman branded with a scarlet letter?

Perfectly dressed boys and girls driven to church in a shiny new Cadillac?

Ramshackle kids from the other side of the tracks who arrived in an old school bus transformed into a makeshift Sunday School taxi?

What do you hear?

A heavenly choir?

A wannabe rock band?

Too loud?

Too soft?

Just right?

Whispers of “what is he doing here”?

The muffled cries of the broken and abused?

Yes, here in God’s house, the one place where at the foot of the Cross the ground is level for all….

What do you see?

Who do you hear?

Maybe the better question is do we see and hear the same things that Jesus does?



We Need Clean Hearts

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“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Ps. 51:10


The words of the sweet Psalmist of Israel, King David, as he acknowledges his sin with another man’s wife and his futile attempt to cover it up.


David’s entire being was affected by what he had done. His relationship with God was broken, the joy of the Lord had departed him, and he was left to reflect upon the magnitude of his error. Surely David must have asked himself a thousand times “was the momentary pleasure of sin worth it”?


David’s sin led to lies and deception that culminated in Uriah’s death. Despite David fasting and praying before God night and day, Bathsheba’s baby died. David’s beautiful daughter Tamar was raped by her brother Amnon, who in a revengeful rage killed Absalom, who in turn was slain by Joab. David’s choices led to the rest of his life being one of sorrow and turmoil.


Surely, David came to the realization that it was not worth it. The high price of sin was more than even he could bear.


“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”


How gracious is our Father to forgive us when we come to Him with a broken spirit. David did not offer to God mere lip service, but rather a broken heart and a contrite spirit.


May I encourage you to do as David did and simply turn to the Lord and ask His forgiveness for your sin? If you will do this, you will find as David did that our Lord is a restorer of the broken hearted.