I thought I’d give a quick update on what’s been going on with the Princess and I since my last post.

Like most churches, ours has been struggling with the aftermath of the pandemic. Because we haven’t been allowed to have services inside, we have had to adjust and find new ways of ministering to our congregation as well as the surrounding communities.

The previous four weeks has seen us move outside to the parking lot for what we call “drive-in church”. If you remember the old drive-in movies, that’s what we modeled our services after.

We had people pull into the parking lot and roll their windows down and listen to the service. Some would get out of their cars and sit on lawn chairs at least 6ft. from anyone else, but most stayed in their cars. Our service began at 9:00 am in order to beat the Florida heat. 

We had a good turnout, even some visitors. We even had the neighbors sitting on their front porches listening. Funny isn’t it? People won’t come inside the church but will sit on their porch and listen. Oh well, what matters is that they have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Like so many other churches, we’ve been doing the Facebook Live thing as well. From what I understand we’ve received favorable comments on the services. We recently purchased a new camera so we will be producing better quality videos, and we will soon have our own YouTube channel where the services as well as the radio broadcasts will be available.

I’ve been doing a weekly radio broadcast for the past six weeks(I think it’s been that long), and this has been a very interesting project. I used to do a radio broadcast a long time ago, so the format was not that unfamiliar to me. The biggest difference between then and now is that I’m not doing a live broadcast like I did years ago. If I make a mistake now, it’s easy to do that part over again and no one will know. I like that!

At first I had my doubts about radio because I didn’t think that many people still listened to it. I figured since everyone used their cell phone and Bluetooth to listen to podcasts and Pandora, that radio had gone the way of the dinosaur. Turns out I was wrong because a fair amount of people actually still listen to the radio here.

This has turned into something I look forward to each week. For one, it keeps me studying and praying, and two, it gives me the opportunity to reach people who would otherwise never come to church and hear the word of the Lord. Somewhat incredibly, a major donor of the broadcast is not even a Christian but is a local truck driver who told us there was a need for a gospel program that would appeal to his fellow drivers. This man was raised in a Christian home but today is far from the Lord.  Nevertheless God has touched his heart and he is faithfully supporting this radio ministry.

Debbie and I continue to use our musical talents in the church each week. Speaking of musical, I just have to share this news with you. When we moved here from up north, we donated our piano to a nursing home ministry that didn’t have a piano. We prayed then that the Lord would provide us another piano when we got to our new home in Florida.

Well, we’ve prayed and prayed, told a lot of people what we were looking for and asked them to help us pray as well. Several times I wanted to just go buy a piano, but the Princess was adamant that if it was God’s will, He would provide us a piano. Not only that, but it would be the white piano that she wanted.

After 3 1/2 years, I am thrilled to report that there is now a brand new piano in our home. A couple of weeks ago I received a call from someone asking if I could help them “set something up if they brought it by our house”. Figuring it was some type of electronics gadget I said sure I would and they came over that evening. Imagine my shock to find that the thing that he needed help with setting up was a new piano! A new, white, piano!”

After many tears of gratitude and happiness, my Princess is once again filling our home with music and we couldn’t feel more blessed. God is good, and He is most certainly faithful.

This morning I was asked to preach the Mother’s Day message, which just happened to coincide with our being able to be inside our sanctuary. We had to make a lot of accommodations in order to meet the required guidelines, but we gladly did so. I must say, it was a glorious occasion! If you’re interested, my sermon text was from 1st Samuel chapter one, the story of Hannah. Thankfully, it was well received.

Well, I think that covers most of what’s been happening with us. I want to wish all of you Mothers a happy Mother’s Day and pray the Lord blesses all of you who are fighting the good fight.

Be strong in the power of His might!