I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Doesn’t it seem to you that everywhere you turn there is another person whose life has been shattered by something? What used to be somewhat of a rarity in families has mushroomed into an epidemic of brokenness.

Broken promises and shattered dreams now litter the landscape like so much garbage, leaving in their wake legions of shattered, disillusioned people all trying to make sense of what has happened to them.

What happened to the Utopia promised to us by the elite class of scholars, politicians, and the like? All of them at one time or another have tried to serve up their own version of a Utopian life, one where hardships and troubles can be voted away, taught away, and dare I say…prayed away.

Whatever happened to those promises?

Instead of Utopia, countless people are left trying to survive in the jungle of the fittest, and instead of inheriting a life of bliss and peace they are dealt something more akin to a prison sentence.

These ‘prisoners’ stand condemned to a life of hopelessness. How do they cope, those who do not know Jesus as Lord? What is there to cling to without the hope of Jesus Christ in this life and the life to come?

Certainly not more broken, empty promises from men who can never deliver on them!

Here’s something even more amazing about all of this. In spite of what you’ve just read, I believe God can still be found in the midst of our brokenness.

For you see, God never waits for us to reach a certain level of ‘good enough’ before he comes to us. No, He comes to us just as we are. Warts, bruises, and brokenness aside, He accepts us just as we are.

God can use you no matter how broken you are. You are valuable in His kingdom work because you see, God uses broken people just like you and me to redeem other broken people just like you and me. [1]

Did you catch that?

In what has to be one of the greatest mysteries of all, God uses the broken to rescue others who are broken. No matter what has crushed you, God will bring you through that so that He can use your brokenness to change the lives of others who are just as destroyed as you were.

It’s a fact: God uses people to reach other people. Or as one of my former pastors was so fond of saying, “sheep beget sheep”. [2]

Who is better equipped to reach out to the wife who’s just been abandoned but one who has also felt such pain? Or who better to mentor a person hopelessly addicted to drugs than one who has the needle tracks in his own arms?

This is why I believe that God uses the broken to rescue the broken. Those of us who have come through the fires of life’s trials are the best equipped to reach the shattered and broken. We are witnesses to His redeeming power!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer as to why there are so many broken people in this world today. I wish I did. I suppose if I were pressed to give a Biblical answer I would say its because we are living in the dangerous times that Paul described in 2nd Timothy 3:1-9.

Or to break it down even simpler, it’s because of SIN.

What I am certain of however is that God can still use you no matter your past. I think it’s ironic that what the world looks at as beyond help, is exactly what the Lord Jesus is looking for to help gather His children to Himself.

My prayer is that we will find the courage and the strength to look beyond our own brokenness. If we would do this, there is a Savior who is waiting with outstretched arms to receive us unto Himself.

If you are one whom God has brought back from brokenness, please find someone to share your Good News with!

Be blessed,



[1] Toby Mac

[2] Pastor Walt Byrd