I thought I would share something with my readers that shows the handiwork of God in a different light than scripture. While this post may not be Bible based, it still points us to God, albeit through nature.

I really love plants. When I was a boy tending our families very large vegetable garden, I developed a love for plants of all kinds. Vegetables, flowers, trees, you name it and I’m interested. My parents canned everything they could to feed five kids and themselves, so you can imagine the hours I’ve spent with a hoe and shovel in my hands!

One of the reasons I have such regard for plants is because they are living things that given the proper care, can feed you as well as mesmerize you with their beauty. I enjoy working in the dirt and seeing tiny plants and seeds grow to maturity.

I also enjoy taking cuttings and propagating them. Currently I’m rooting my very own Pineapple plant,which is very exciting!

Since I now live where there are no brilliant displays of fall colors, I have to get my color fix in other ways. With that in mind, I thought I’d share a sample of God’s beauty currently on display around my home,starting with a pretty Hibiscus.

Up north these are annuals, but here they grow nearly all year long. I have Hibiscus that are pink, a deep red, and what my wife calls salmon. They’re all beautiful, but the pink is my favorite color.

Hibiscus 1

Red hibiscus

Here are some arrangements of Mums and Sweet Potato vine that are really pretty right now.

Mum arrangement 1

Mum 2

Sweet Potato vine

Next, here is a pretty bloom that grows all along the side of my house. I don’t remember the name, but that’s not important. You should see this in the summer when the entire side of the house is encased in these blooms! The summer blooms are a deep,bold red that are just stunning.

Red bloom shrub

Finally, a picture of a pretty little shrub that I stuck in a pot with some grass just to see what would happen. I think it turned out great!

Blooming shrub 1

Well, there you have it, a sampling of God’s beauty, Florida style. Of course, I’m no photographer, but the images do a decent job of conveying the beauty I get to see every day.

I hope you take a few minutes to look around where you live and take in the beauty that God provides for us each and every day. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!