I used to have in my library a book that was titled “Worship is a Verb”. It’s been long ago donated to someone else and I have forgotten many of the particulars of the book,however the gist of it was that the act of worship was about doing,not merely showing up.What got me to thinking about this was a recent article I read that attempts to deal with why congregants are no longer singing,or participating in the worship service.

A lot of the comments have drifted to the weary argument of hymns vs. choruses,mood lighting and fog machines vs. traditional services. Young vs.old. You get the picture.

All the while the Savior must surely weep at our pettiness!

There seems to be a strong case being made that the reason people aren’t singing or participating in worship is because they haven’t prepared their hearts to meet with the Savior.Which to me over simplifies the situation and attempts to assign blame,or fault to the person who may simply be struggling with life itself.

I mean,have you ever desired to worship but just couldn’t? Have you been so overwhelmed with the problems of life that the best you could do was throw yourself at His feet?

Which,by the way,is true worship!

Funny how no mention or thought is ever given about how ludicrous it is to think that someone,anyone,could lead a congregation into the presence of the Lord when they themselves have spent no time in private worship with Him prior to that service.

How can you lead me to a place you’ve never been to?

Could it be that the church has lost sight of the object of our worship?

Ever hear someone describe their church by saying something like “wow,do we have awesome worship services at our church!!!” Or “you should hear our praise band”!Those statements beg the question to be asked;”what exactly is the object of our worship”?

Is worship of a Holy God all about making me feel a certain way?

Is true worship about dimming the lights in order to create a certain mood?

Is worship more about the guitar solo than my heart communing with the God of Heaven?

If by cranking up the volume so loud that I cant even hear the person next to me try to sing,is that worship?

Honestly,none of that is true worship.Intentionally creating a circumstance or situation to get people to react in a predetermined way is not called worship.It’s called manipulation.

It’s used as a counterfeit for the Holy Spirit. A pitiful,weak,abysmal substitute. It’s used to elicit a reaction from the carnal man.

It’s used because the church has prostituted itself with the spirit of the world.

“…and my people love to have it so”   Jer. 5:31

“Father,help us,revive us,redeem us from the clutches of the world that have ensnared the church in this hour.Help us to break the bonds and  chains of worldliness that are ever tightening their grip on us”.

“Look upon us once again and see our plight,that we are blind,and naked,and filled with this world’s goods,yet we know not that we are destitute in our sins,lukewarm and good for nothing but to be vomited out of your mouth”.