Since I last posted on this blog. And I have missed it!

From a personal standpoint there has been a lot going on. Between the last week of July when we listed our home for sale and September 30th when we closed on our new home in Florida it has been non stop insanity!

Not to mention that yesterday I retired from my job of 27 years,4 months, and 12 days with Honda.

So,as I said, it has been just a little crazy in my world. Lots of people have asked me what I’m going to do with my life now that I have the freedom of retirement. And the answer is I don’t know.

I plan to take 6 months or so and allow myself to become deprogrammed from the corporate world. No more budgets, business plans, unrealistic deadlines and the incredible stress that goes along with it.Learn to think like a “normal” person again,whatever that is:) Basically I want to rediscover me, if that makes any sense.

My precious wife is thrilled to have her husband back,and thankful to God for our blessings and favor.I’m also pretty sure she is looking forward to having my undivided attention once again. Gone is the iPhone and laptop that constantly intruded on “our time”.

I do plan to expand this blog,however I am not certain what the end result will look like. I will finally have the time to delve much deeper into a lot of topics that have been on the back burner for so long.Things like prophecy for instance. As a life long student of prophecy I can now have the time to develop in-depth studies to share online.

I may even return to working in church at some level,but I believe if that is to happen the opportunity will have to find me as I am not actively seeking anything at this time. We haven’t even had the time to visit a church yet, let alone find one we can call “home”.

Perhaps most of all I desire to find what it is that the Lord has in store for me. I’ve shared this with many people in these past months,that I sense somehow that the next chapter is going to dwarf the 1st chapter. I feel it, I know it. I just don’t know yet what “it” is.

So that’s my story. I have about 12 DRAFT posts that I will be finishing shortly before I launch into something bigger so those will be coming shortly.

And while I intend to stay out of the political arena in this election season I am going to post something about how one candidate intends to absolutely destroy your religious freedoms and liberty.It’s just too important for me to remain silent,even though the church has chosen to do so.

Be blessed everyone, and it is good to be back!