Worship is What?


I used to have in my library a book that was titled “Worship is a Verb”. It’s been long ago donated to someone else and I have forgotten many of the particulars of the book,however the gist of it was that the act of worship was about doing,not merely showing up.What got me to thinking about this was a recent article I read that attempts to deal with why congregants are no longer singing,or participating in the worship service.

A lot of the comments have drifted to the weary argument of hymns vs. choruses,mood lighting and fog machines vs. traditional services. Young vs.old. You get the picture.

All the while the Savior must surely weep at our pettiness!

There seems to be a strong case being made that the reason people aren’t singing or participating in worship is because they haven’t prepared their hearts to meet with the Savior.Which to me over simplifies the situation and attempts to assign blame,or fault to the person who may simply be struggling with life itself.

I mean,have you ever desired to worship but just couldn’t? Have you been so overwhelmed with the problems of life that the best you could do was throw yourself at His feet?

Which,by the way,is true worship!

Funny how no mention or thought is ever given about how ludicrous it is to think that someone,anyone,could lead a congregation into the presence of the Lord when they themselves have spent no time in private worship with Him prior to that service.

How can you lead me to a place you’ve never been to?

Could it be that the church has lost sight of the object of our worship?

Ever hear someone describe their church by saying something like “wow,do we have awesome worship services at our church!!!” Or “you should hear our praise band”!Those statements beg the question to be asked;”what exactly is the object of our worship”?

Is worship of a Holy God all about making me feel a certain way?

Is true worship about dimming the lights in order to create a certain mood?

Is worship more about the guitar solo than my heart communing with the God of Heaven?

If by cranking up the volume so loud that I cant even hear the person next to me try to sing,is that worship?

Honestly,none of that is true worship.Intentionally creating a circumstance or situation to get people to react in a predetermined way is not called worship.It’s called manipulation.

It’s used as a counterfeit for the Holy Spirit. A pitiful,weak,abysmal substitute. It’s used to elicit a reaction from the carnal man.

It’s used because the church has prostituted itself with the spirit of the world.

“…and my people love to have it so”   Jer. 5:31

“Father,help us,revive us,redeem us from the clutches of the world that have ensnared the church in this hour.Help us to break the bonds and  chains of worldliness that are ever tightening their grip on us”.

“Look upon us once again and see our plight,that we are blind,and naked,and filled with this world’s goods,yet we know not that we are destitute in our sins,lukewarm and good for nothing but to be vomited out of your mouth”.

You’re Always On His Mind


Have you ever felt forgotten about?

Ever felt like you are the smallest spec on this enormous planet?

Have you ever wondered why everyone gets invited to the party except you?

Being left off the list is no fun is it? Neither is being the last one chosen as the teams are being assembled. That hurts.

I’ve been there. Many,many times. And so have you.

I remember a time when I could see no more tomorrow’s. A time that for all intents and purposes should have spelled the end for me.

Battered and bruised by the effects of a life changing event that I never saw coming I was unprepared for the onslaught that soon enveloped me. Anxiety and depression gripped me with a choke hold from which I could find no escape.One minute I seemed to be in control,the next minute I was in full on panic mode.

Unable to find relief after battling this for months, I had all but convinced myself that death would be a welcome respite from this attack. And if I’m being completely honest here, I thought about it way too much.

I know that many of you have experienced similar things,and much,much worse. Feeling like there are no alternatives,no solutions or any way out is akin to hopelessness.

Having no hope is a horrific thing to comprehend,isn’t it?

Especially for a Christian.

Thats a very hard and difficult place to find yourself in. No where to turn. No one to talk to. No one to offer comfort.

The Christian response is typically to pray,or trust the Lord. Good,sound,fundamental advice. I’ve followed the same path myself when dealing with others who were struggling.

Except that when you find yourself in a place like this you have very little faith. Doubt takes over. It controls you. Your every thought is clouded by it.After all, if you had faith you wouldn’t be in this situation would you? Or so we’re told.

What I have just described to you is the Christian version of the Perfect Storm.When your faith is at an all time low,Satan will unleash all he has in order to destroy you. Every Christian is familiar with the verse that tells us Satan comes to kill,steal,and destroy. Once the devil has you in his crosshairs,this progressive assault begins. And he would like nothing more than for you to simply surrender to him.

For some of us,surrender can seem like the least objectionable option.

But do you know what,I learned something incredible through all of this!

Jesus knows your way out. Yes,the Eternal Son of God knows exactly how you are feeling in those most desperate,vulnerable situations,and He knows how to lead you through the flood waters.

Perhaps more importantly, He brings an assurance that you are not alone, no matter the impossibilities of your situation.

How,you may wonder?

Well, according to the Bible,you are not far from the mind of God.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope”.    Jeremiah 29:11 (NKJV)

Did you see that? Does that not astound you? God Almighty has you in His thoughts!

If God wants to give us a future and a hope then of course He is going to take us safely through every trial. Those voices we hear compelling us to give up are nothing but lies.

I went through a terrible ordeal that seemed as though it would never end.My emotions ran wild,my faith wavered,and I honestly did not know if I would endure it.

Yet God proved Himself faithful time after time. Through all of that I learned that nothing is too hard for God. He proved to me that I was on His mind,even when He wasn’t on mine.

He was planning all along to give me a future,even when I was convinced I had no future left. In the depths of my hopelessness He knew all along that the day would come when once again I would bask in the hope which is in Christ Jesus.

You are not alone. Your situation is nowhere near hopeless. You are on the mind of the Creator,and He wants to give you a future and a lifetime of hope and expectation for good.

Something to remember the next time you find yourself in a raging inferno.

Be blessed,





A Lifetime of “What if’s “


What would our lives be like if only we would have…?

Haven’t we all asked ourselves this question? Has there been that “if only I would have…”  moment in your life?

If only I would have taken that job. If only I would have married him instead. If only I had taken more interest in my family. If only I would have acknowledged God sooner.

Or to phrase it differently…

What if I would have…? What if I would have turned left instead of right? What if would have stayed in school…?

These questions used to consume my every waking moment. Let me explain.

A few evenings ago my wife and I were listening to a well known minister delivering his weekly TV message,and while it was interesting it really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Until he said these words:

“If you were to hold a postmortem over the greatest defeats of your life,you will find in the debris a broken down alter,a closed Bible, and cut off communication with God. Every time. No longer praying,no longer opening the Book or communicating with God is a set up for tremendous failure”.

As I heard these words I immediately looked to my wife at the same time she looked at me. And we both knew that he was talking about a part of my life.

So with that I’d like to share a very personal part of my journey with you that relates to the above quote. It is my hope that it will help you to understand how easy it is to find yourself in the same condition.

I became a Christian over 38 years ago.When I accepted the Lord into my heart He changed the person I was. I no longer cursed,drank,thought wrong thoughts,or ran with the wrong crowd. I left behind nearly every relationship in my life because they were all negative influences on me. I made that decision then and I have never regretted it.

I went “all in” with Jesus and I paid a great price to do so. Family rejected me,and that includes my own mother.I was considered a black sheep,an oddball that no longer fit in.No one wanted anything to do with me any longer.

All I had was Jesus,and to my great surprise I learned that He was all I needed. Oh to be sure I was often lonely and discouraged,but He sustained me in the darkest times.

And those were precious days to me. Days when it was as if I could sense the very presence of the Lord by my side.Days when his word would seem to jump off the page as it entered my heart.

In my personal life I began to prosper in many ways.I began to be financially successful. I found a new job. I made a lot of money. I started collecting a lot of possessions.I began to receive the accolades of the church for the knowledge and abilities I had. People started complimenting me on my status and my success.

And I loved it all.

But after a few years things began to change.Slowly,subtlety at first so that I didn’t know it was happening to me.Until everything fell apart.

I lost the job and the fantastic salary that went with it. The things I had collected were sold or pawned off to pay the bills.The church looked the other way as though I had become an embarrassment to them.The praise of men completely disappeared. There were no compliments to be found.

Oh to be sure I tried to turn the situation around. I tried mightily to reverse my fortunes. But it seemed that at every corner was one roadblock after another.One more mountain to climb.

For a long time in my stubbornness I fought this crazy fight,sure that at some point I would prevail.After all,isn’t that what determined,successful people do? Just fight harder and eventually you’ll come out on top,right?

Yet I eventually had to admit that my life had been completely dismantled and torn apart.

I had asked myself a thousand times “why the struggles? Why the defeats? Why the taking two steps forward and one one step backward? Why are things that should be so easy now so difficult”?

The answer was simple: there was a communication problem between myself and God.

But if the answer is that simple then why didn’t I do something about it?


Pride that says “I can do this on my own”. Pride that says “it’ll be alright”. Pride that says “I will”,but we never do. Pride that says “God understands”.

“If you were to hold a postmortem over the greatest defeats of your life,you will find in the debris a broken down alter,a closed Bible, and cut off communication with God. Every time. No longer praying,no longer opening the Book or communicating with God is a set up for tremendous failure”.

Beloved, I have now lived long enough to fully understand the simplicity of following Christ and allowing Him to direct my steps and take control of my life.

The keys to a victorious life in Christ are an open Bible and prayer. That’s it.

You can read every book out there that touts the latest formula for successful Christian living,and you will come away unfulfilled.

You can “sow a seed” with every ministry on TV and still not be victorious.

You can quote scripture from memory from morning to evening and still come away empty.

However, a few moments completely alone with Christ and His word will keep open those avenues of communication,and victory shall be yours.

I praise God that I no longer live in a world of “what if’s” or “if only’s”. I am eternally thankful that God loves me enough to bring about correction,even when it hurt.And I am especially grateful that I have seen God restore that which the locust has destroyed.

My prayer is that all of us take to heart the depths of Christ’s love for us. It is unreachable and unsearchable in it’s vastness.

Let us go forward in Him in such a way that when we reach the end of our days no one will gaze upon us and say “if only”,but rather they will be able to say they loved the Lord with all their heart.



Partnership or Ownership?


If you listen to many of the more popular speakers in the church today there seems to be a consensus that God needs us in order to accomplish His will on earth.

Often,this reasoning is a result of misapplication of the word “Covenant”found scattered throughout both Old and New Testaments. For example:

Therefore know that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments;   Deut. 7:9

They have turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers who refused to hear My words, and they have gone after other gods to serve them; the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken My covenant which I made with their fathers.”   Jer. 11:10

 And this I say, that the law, which was four hundred and thirty years later, cannot annul the covenant that was confirmed before by God in Christ,that it should make the promise of no effect.   Gal 3:17

that at that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world.   Eph 2:12
These verses,and dozens like them point to the fact that when scripture refers to covenant,it is speaking about a solemn promise,or relational agreement that God makes with his people.
The prevailing thought today however is that covenant means that we are in a partnership with God,meaning that this is a relationship mutually dependent upon one another.
This thought process is a an outcome of the word faith cult that elevates man to god-like status. To understand the status that word faith teachers give to man is a topic I will delve into in a later post in great detail.For now,suffice it to say that word faith believers say that when a man is born again,he has regained his divine nature that they believe he had before the Fall. Because of this he is now able to (once again) use his divine powers of creation and domination. Sad though it may be,this heresy is creeping into mainline protestant denominations at a rapid pace and shows no sign of slowing down.
So the big question is this: is God really needing us to “partner” with Him in order to accomplish his will on the earth? Does the God of heaven need us in order to accomplish anything on earth?
Well, yes and no.
I believe God does wish to establish His covenant with everyone and scripture backs this up in many instances. We know that since the beginning God has desired a people with which to forge a relationship with,and to that end He has established his promise,or covenant with us, through His Son Jesus Christ.
For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. Matt. 26:28
 Jesus described a New Covenant that was brought about by the shedding of His own blood. This speaks to a relationship so intense as to be created,purchased,and sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ. He did not need a “ministry partner” to do this.He did this because of His divinity,and no one else ever had or ever will do such a thing again.
This is where those who believe that God needs us in order to accomplish His will on earth are in error. Does God desire that we position ourselves with Him so as to be available to be used by Him? Of course He does! If we fail to position ourselves in such a manner does the work of God come to a halt? Of course not!
God’s work cannot be stopped.If it could then He would not be God.
He desires for us to enter into a covenant relationship with Him,of this there can be no argument.But I would argue that rather than partner with us He desires to own us!
What do you mean, and how can this be?
Simply this.If we submit ourselves unto the Lord,and by that I mean complete submission to the point where my needs no longer matter,only then can the Lord actually use us to do the great work that needs to be done before His return.
Until and unless we are willing to submit to Him in such a manner,we can never know Him in the deep covenant relational manner He so earnestly desires.We will only go so far with Him before the flesh wins out and we begin to pull back into our comfort zone.
Those claiming that God needs us to partner with Him are attempting to either elevate man to a god like status or bring God down to their level in order that they would be considered as equals.And that my friends,is the crux of the issue isn’t it?
To be thought of as being so spiritual as to be equal with God.
The late Paul Crouch,owner of The Blasphemy Network (aka TBN) used to claim that “we are little gods”. Seems that he and millions of others who subscribe to such drivel forgot that there was another well known character who believed that.You might know his name as Satan,or Lucifer.
No, God does not need us. It is us who are completely dependent upon Him for everything. The very air that we breathe is supplied by Him.The water that sustains life on this earth is supplied by Him in the form of rain.
Not much we can do to partner in that,is there?
Be blessed!

It’s been a long time…


Since I last posted on this blog. And I have missed it!

From a personal standpoint there has been a lot going on. Between the last week of July when we listed our home for sale and September 30th when we closed on our new home in Florida it has been non stop insanity!

Not to mention that yesterday I retired from my job of 27 years,4 months, and 12 days with Honda.

So,as I said, it has been just a little crazy in my world. Lots of people have asked me what I’m going to do with my life now that I have the freedom of retirement. And the answer is I don’t know.

I plan to take 6 months or so and allow myself to become deprogrammed from the corporate world. No more budgets, business plans, unrealistic deadlines and the incredible stress that goes along with it.Learn to think like a “normal” person again,whatever that is:) Basically I want to rediscover me, if that makes any sense.

My precious wife is thrilled to have her husband back,and thankful to God for our blessings and favor.I’m also pretty sure she is looking forward to having my undivided attention once again. Gone is the iPhone and laptop that constantly intruded on “our time”.

I do plan to expand this blog,however I am not certain what the end result will look like. I will finally have the time to delve much deeper into a lot of topics that have been on the back burner for so long.Things like prophecy for instance. As a life long student of prophecy I can now have the time to develop in-depth studies to share online.

I may even return to working in church at some level,but I believe if that is to happen the opportunity will have to find me as I am not actively seeking anything at this time. We haven’t even had the time to visit a church yet, let alone find one we can call “home”.

Perhaps most of all I desire to find what it is that the Lord has in store for me. I’ve shared this with many people in these past months,that I sense somehow that the next chapter is going to dwarf the 1st chapter. I feel it, I know it. I just don’t know yet what “it” is.

So that’s my story. I have about 12 DRAFT posts that I will be finishing shortly before I launch into something bigger so those will be coming shortly.

And while I intend to stay out of the political arena in this election season I am going to post something about how one candidate intends to absolutely destroy your religious freedoms and liberty.It’s just too important for me to remain silent,even though the church has chosen to do so.

Be blessed everyone, and it is good to be back!