My family has been blessed this past two weeks to be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of SW Florida. Seeing the palm trees swaying in the wind,the waves crashing at the beach,a simple rainbow after a passing shower,yours truly unsuccessfully trying to catch a fish along the beach,or simply enjoying each other at the house we’re staying at are all reminders that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.DSCN4026

This life is nothing more than a temporary home. Just as these earthen bodies are not designed to last forever,so it is that every nation and government will one day yield to the Ultimate Authority in all things.

The great patriarch Abraham,when separating from his nephew Lot to begin searching  for a city “whose builder and maker is God”understood that as great as he was,he was but a speck compared to the Omnipotent God who was directing his every step. We would be wise if we took that same approach to life,for as the bible clearly indicates it worked out pretty well for Abraham.

If we’re not careful it becomes so easy for us to dwell on the negative in this life and forget that God is good and has us in the palm of His mighty hands. Trouble and the fear of things to come may cast a pall upon the hearts of God’s people and cause us to look inward instead of upward,but we are no longer of this world. We also are “looking for a city…”

In short,there are better things ahead for God’s people.

Whether your personal political slant leans to the left or right there is a feeling of uncertainty in the air as we approach the upcoming election in the Fall. As Christians we can take heart in knowing that whichever way things end up,God is still in control. That does not mean that everything is going to be ok. It simply means that God still rules in the hearts of men and as such He will make a way for His children when there doesn’t seem to be a way.

How blessed we are to have this confidence! To know that God is a way maker in a dry and barren land should cause us no small amount of excitement!

Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that in the last days perilous times would come. He spoke of wars and rumors of wars. Famines. Pestilence. Disease. One catastrophe after another. I am in the number of those that believe we are in this period now,and because of what Jesus spoke we will see horrific things on a scale unseen before.

But remember that Jesus also told us this:”in the world you will have tribulation,but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”.

Beloved,if Jesus overcame we can have confidence that He will make us overcomers as well. To be standing with Jesus at the end of the race is really all that matters!

Be blessed,