I wanted to pass along an explanation to the readers of this site that it’s sister site Whitedministries.com” has been deleted. Until I get the new site up and running this is the only blog that I have.

All of us have been told from the beginning when we first started to use computers to “Back Up”our work. Well, I failed to heed that advice and it cost me a years worth of hard work. I had hosted Whitedministries.com on a very popular and highly recommended hosting site,and spent a lot of money in doing so. I foolishly thought that the hosting site’s back up protocol would be sufficient.


A simple,errant mouse click wiped out my entire site,and the hosting site claims they cannot restore it. So,it’s time to move on.

I will continue to use this WordPress account which hosts my “A Front Row View of the Church” blog. When my new web site is finished the blog will move to the new site.I will also have the opportunity to write in depth articles,as well as share many lessons and messages.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding.