“And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.      Luke 14:27  NKJV

The Cross…

Yes,of course I know that this is the season of the Manger,the Magi,and the virgin birth of the Son of God.

My mind however,is not on any of those.My mind,and especially my heart,is on the Cross.

All of Christendom is rightfully preparing to celebrate our King during this Christmas season.

Choirs are rehearsing and the children’s play is almost ready for the big day.

I get it. I really do.I hear the wonderful Christmas songs on the radio.I love to look at the pretty decorations that have taken many hours to assemble.

In many ways I feel like a kid again at Christmas.My mind goes back to happy times as a child,laying under the Christmas tree for hours looking at the pretty lights.Hardly able to stand the wait until Christmas morning.

I hope I never lose that feeling,no matter how old I become.

Maybe you can relate?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Christmas,about Christianity.About us who claim that name “Christian”.About the One who authored it all.

I suppose there could have been Christianity without a stable and a manger,yet that is the way the Father ordained it.

There could have been Christianity without the angels declaring “peace on earth,good will to men”…yet that is how God ordered it to be.

And lest I be labeled a heretic,I guess there could have been Christianity without setting aside a day in December to honor Him who was born of a virgin.

Yet there could be no Christianity without a cross.

The Cross.That awful instrument of torture and death.That Cross,where no Wise Men were in search of the Bright and Morning Star.

No gifts were brought to THAT Cross.No gold,no frankincense,no myrrh.

No Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes surrounded by barnyard animals.

Tonight my mind is fixed upon a Cross.A lonely Cross.A desperate Cross.A bloody Cross.

Yes…THAT Cross.

Why the Cross? And why now? It’s almost Christmas time after all!

From a Babe in a manger to a King on THAT cross.

Birth to Death

Born to die.

For you and I.

This Christmas season my prayer is that in the midst of the twinkling lights and holiday gatherings,we pause to reflect upon the Gift of God.

The gift of that Babe in a manger.

Where Satan and every demon had to pause in sheer terror at the site of the One who was destined to destroy the powers of darkness for all time.

The gift of THAT Cross.

Where new life suddenly became available to all men everywhere,and the curse of death had been broken once and for all.

As we celebrate Jesus this Christmas season,let us never forget that He has charged us to bear our cross and follow Him.This is the only way we can be His.

Oh What A  Season!

What A Reason For This Season!