What has to be one of the cruelest human emotions is feeling like you are all alone in this great big world. To feel as though no one cares for you can be overwhelming to the point of debilitation.When you feel this way it seems as though God Himself has forgotten you.

There are so many who know this tragic state,and they come in all walks of life.See the homeless man on the corner?He understands the cold reality of loneliness.No family to call,sick,hungry,where will he sleep this cold wintry night?

See the wealthy socialite posing for the cameras?She too knows the despair of another night of solitude,away from the spotlight,away from the adoring crowds.She knows all too well that loneliness doesn’t discriminate.

And what about the lady next door,the one you see driving to church each Sunday? She knows loneliness as well,however her loneliness is from a different source than the others.Always quick to give out a word of encouragement to someone she knows is struggling,she is known as one who speaks the truth in love.

I’m sure you’ve noticed her in your church,haven’t you?She’s the lady who tries to shake hands with as many as possible before service starts.Nothing deep or overly spiritual,just a quick “welcome, we’re so glad you’re here today”.

She’s the one who calls the unloved just to let them know they are in fact,loved.She’s the one who sends out a card with a short,handwritten note that simply says “I care”.

The prostitute.The addict.The unclean.The unwanted.The rejected.She loves them all.

She loves deeply.And oh how deeply she hurts.For you see,her own phone never rings with the voice of encouragement.The daily walk to the mailbox never yields a card or a note,no reminders that someone cares.

And so she loves. And she hurts. And she cries. A lot.

She is confused.What has she done?Why has she been forgotten?She doesn’t understand why spiritual people do not sense that one of their own is hurting,and is so very lonely.

“God”,she pleads,”is there no one praying for me?Is there no one taking my name before your throne?Is this desperate loneliness my reward for doing the best I knew how to do”?

Suddenly,as if on cue,she hears His voice whispering softly to her:
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.   Jeremiah 29:11 (NKJV)

And she knows……..He does care.Oh how deeply He cares for her.

She doesn’t hear the heavenly choir singing.No thundering’s from the throne on High.No mighty angel band.

But she knows His voice.And she trusts that voice above all others.

She understands that while her Lord may not change the circumstances,He will make a way for her to endure this present season.


It doesn’t have to mean you have reached the end of your road.

It just might mean that it leads you down a different road,one that leads you straight to Him.

Be blessed,