Really…as a Christian the Cross is both a sign of excruciating agony and an offering of forgiveness.It is a symbol of love and hate.Beautiful and ugly beyond words.

The Cross of Christ.

And only God could take something so heinous,so brutal,and so despicable and turn it into an instrument of His grace and love.

Before the time of Christ upon the earth,crucifixion had been employed for hundreds of years as a means of humiliation and death.It was by no means something that was seldom seen but was in fact reserved for those “deserving”of a special death.As a matter of fact, even the scriptures declared that if a man were to be crucified,he was considered to be cursed.

The Apostle Paul declared in Galations 3:13 “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:”

I’ve often wondered how many times Jesus had seen someone being executed on a cross in the Roman occupied land in which He lived. I think that surely He must have seen the agony of others,even if but for a fleeting moment before He looked away…..knowing that what He saw would one day become His destiny as well.

The Cross……

May we never forget the price which was paid for our sins.

May we never forget that the cross was not meant to be something worn as a religious symbol,but rather an instrument of inhumane torture.There’s nothing stylish about that.

May we never forget that while we were yet in our sins Christ died for us.Once and for all the price had been paid that would enable us to become sons and daughters of God Almighty.

The Cross……it is the key that unlocked the door to the splendors of heaven.

Be blessed,