Many no doubt are familiar with the biblical story of Joseph found in the book of Genesis and how that God used him through difficult circumstances to save his entire family.Just in case you’re not familiar with the story let me see if I can give you the micro version of it.

Joseph was the youngest son of Jacob and was one of several children born to him.Jacob had a tender heart towards Joseph and because of that there was much jealously in the hearts of his brothers.So much so that his brothers devised a plan to get rid of their younger brother.Did I mention they were jealous of him?

So they threw him in a pit and then sold him into slavery,thinking that was the last they would hear of him.But God had another plan


His brethren went back to their father and told him that his favorite son was dead,apparently devoured by wild beasts.

Can you imagine the level of deceit that must have been in their hearts that they would do such a thing and break their father’s heart?

Jealousy is indeed a very powerful force! But what does any of this have to do with me you ask?

Have you ever endured such pain at the hands of another? Have you felt the sting of betrayal and abandonment?

It is difficult to think this but there are many people in this world that seem to take pleasure in afflicting others.I do not understand this mindset at all and often wonder what kind of life a person must have lived to be able to do this to another person.

Joseph’s brothers did what they did to him for very selfish reasons in the hope that once he was gone their father would look upon them the same way he did his youngest son.But as is often the case,there was more to this story than what it seemed to be.

For you see,God had another plan for Joseph.A plan that his jealous brothers were unaware of until many years later.

And it’s the same with you and I today!Often we are cast down and left to feel forsaken and all alone.But here’s the secret…

It’s all about the heart and it’s motives.Joseph’s kept his heart pure even though he knew he was completely innocent of any wrongdoing.He was falsely imprisoned and left for dead for refusing to give into the lust of the flesh.Yet he maintained his integrity through it all.

And so it is with you and I.Regardless of what life throws at us we must do our very best to maintain an upright and pure heart because God always has another plan for us!

Listen to what Joseph eventually told his brothers after having been reunited with them:

“But as for you, you meant evil against me; [but] God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as [it is] this day, to save many people alive.    [Gen 50:20 NKJV]

Did you get that?Joseph’s brothers thought they had hatched the ultimate plan to rid themselves of their kid brother…but God had another plan!

We just never know sometimes what God is up to in our lives,but if we keep our hearts pure it’s for certain that we will eventually know!

Be blessed,