Yesterday we had Sunday service in Defiance Oh. at Defiance First Assembly of God where Pastor Randy Wilson serves as Senior Pastor. It was quite a drive for our family as it took over an hour and a half to get there. I had been invited to speak to this congregation a few weeks ago and we really looked forward to our visit,so anticipation was running high.

While small in number,we were greeted by many happy faces and welcoming smiles,and we felt right at home. It’s amazing how powerful a simple handshake and smile can be!

My wife and I led worship,and it was a joy to play the guitar as my wife sang one of her favorite songs”I can trust Jesus”.Even more thrilling was how the congregation responded to the Spirit of worship that permeated the sanctuary.We were blessed and trust that we were used of the Lord to bless others.

I ministered from Acts chapter one with the focus being the command of Jesus to wait for the promise of the Father.So many times we try to do things in and of ourselves,but we need to have our own Upper Room encounter with our Lord if our efforts are to bear fruit.

As I told the congregation on Sunday, I know that I need to pray more and study harder and longer if I am to be a faithful witness for the Lord.Most likely all of us can identify with that.

As I reflect upon this past year I can see a trail of rookie mistakes and not so smart decisions that were made as I attempted to launch this blog.Hopefully I will put into practice some of the lessons learned and this forum will become a source of encouragement for many.

May the Lord bless each of you in the coming new year,