The church that is. Why does the church insist upon imposing rules, traditions, and customs upon people who come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? It’s as if they are saying “well, we’re glad you’re saved but here’s the rest of what you will need to make it to heaven!” REALLY??

Isn’t it enough to simply know Jesus as our Lord and Savior? I mean, why is it that denominations and organizations,preachers and priests, are all so determined to add to the Word of God and saddle us with the commandments of men that can do nothing for us?

Every time I read or hear of a church doing this I think of the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the church at Corinth as he explained that he did not come to them with enticing words of man’s wisdom…..

In fact Paul said this in 1st Cor 2:2…..”For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified”.

What Paul was saying here was that Jesus was enough. It was not about Paul. It was not even about the church. It was about the crucified and risen Christ. Nothing more was needed!

I would to God that we could go back in time to a point where the simplicity of the glorious gospel was taught with a sincere heart to those who were hungry to be filled.

What I wouldn’t give to hear someone say “I don’t want your money,I want your heart to be in a right relationship with Almighty God”. I want to hear someone say once again that “being a disciple is about following in HIS footsteps, not taking our 16 week class so we can create yet another clone of ourselves”.

Surely, God did not save us just so we can continuously repeat the cycle that the church is stuck in!

Father, help your people to wake out of the slumber that the devil has cast upon us. Cause us to awaken to life,abundant life in You!

Be blessed,