It’s been a wonderful vacation here in sunny Florida but the time has come to head back home and resume a “normal”life…whatever that is!We will miss the beaches,the great seafood,the pool,and most of all the laid back and stress free existence we’ve enjoyed this past week.But alas,as someone once said:”all good things must come to an end”.Gee,I wish that phrase had never been uttered!

Of all the wonderful things to rejoice about over this past week the number one thing for me was to see and hear my wife smiling and laughing again.Those of you who follow this blog know that this past year has been one of extreme grief and stress for her due to losing her father last June.While at the beach today she acted like her old self,full of life and fun and for this I am humbly grateful to our Savior.

I realize how all too often we take the little things in life for granted,and my hope is that all of us come to cherish those things in life that are so important to us and endeavor to live life to its fullest each day.

Be blessed!