I Should Have Listened…

To that still,small voice that was tugging at my heart.Let me explain.

Two years ago I was in Venice Florida and decided to take a walk on their brand new fishing pier.The previous pier had been destroyed by a hurricane so I was anxious to see the new pier that has recently been constructed.

While walking on the pier with my family we came upon a gentleman named Joe who was sitting on a bench handing out fossilized sharks teeth to all the passing children.I guess I should explain that Venice is known all around as the sharks tooth capital of the world.People come from all over to dig through the sand in hopes of finding a large one and once in a while a truly large specimen is uncovered.

I introduced myself to Joe and we made small talk as the kids wandered about the pier and I learned that he and his wife had recently moved from New York to Florida.I also learned that Joe had stage four cancer.

After a few more moments of chatting it was time for our family to eat lunch at the local beach front restaurant called Sharky’s,so I bid Joe good-by and walked inside to grab some lunch. All through lunch I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to ask Joe if all was well with his soul, yet I dismissed the notion by telling myself I would track him down after lunch.Which I never did.

Fast forward to today and I’m back on that same pier.What do you suppose I found? Image

A bench dedicated to Joe.In the same exact spot where I first met him.Joe was gone.There would be no second chance to speak with him about his soul.No second chance for me to obey that still small voice.For all intents and purposes,I had blown it by not obeying what I undoubtedly knew was the Lord prompting me to go to him.

Joe has hardly left my mind all day today.Of course I am saddened to learn of his passing and of course my heart is heavy for his family.But more important than all of that is what of Joe’s eternal soul?Did someone else step in to do what I failed to do?God only knows.All I know is that I cannot have a do-over in this matter.It is done for all of eternity.

Listen beloved,the whole point of this is for me to encourage you to act upon those gentle nudging’s of the Spirit.When God lays it upon your heart to do something,no matter how insignificant you may think it is,please do it.Don’t be like me and put it off thinking you will get around to it.

You just might find that you never will.


I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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