I read an article on the Christian Post today that deals with Benny Hinn asking his supporters to start giving $1000 donations to his ministry so they will then be able to enter into a whole new dimension of “favor” with God.Supposedly this comes from Solomon’s offering of 1000 sacrifices to God.

How is it that “Christians”will actually believe this stuff?How in the world did the church become so ignorant of the Word of God that it would believe this is actually from God?

Doesn’t anyone actually read their Bible any more? If you do, can you please explain to me how the church is so easily duped into believing that the favor of God is actually something you can earn?Can anyone give chapter and verse for this?


If you really want to do something for God,please take your $1000 donation and give it to a food bank or a shelter for abused women and children.How about buying groceries for a few families for a month?Or how about an anonymous gift to someone you know who is in dire need.Just do SOMETHING but give it to those who are fleecing the flock! Please!

Be blessed,