Spent some time at the beach this morning.It doesn’t seem to matter that I’ve seen this same stretch of beach dozens of times,I always see something for the very first time.Like starfish for example.They were washing up on the beach for some reason and I’m assuming they will die there.Image


True to form though,my wife thinks she can save at least some of them so here she is scooping one up to toss it back into the ocean!

Looking at the things God has created and the incredible complexity of it all only increases my thirst to know Him more.I am amazed beyond words at what the hand of God has made,whether it be a sea creature or us in His very image.Sometimes i wonder:just what kind of power does He possess anyway that He could do such wondrous things?It’s way beyond my ability to comprehend so all I know to do is exercise my faith to believe that He is who He says He is!

Praise be to God,