I’ve finally managed to schedule some time away from the grind so the family is spending a week on the Gulf coast of Florida with our toes in the sand and sunscreen liberally applied.

It’s always great to get away from the routine and stresses of life and this year is no exception.This is the first year my wife has not wished her Father a “Happy Fathers Day” as he passed almost one year ago and the grieving is not yet over for her.She has been under a constant barrage of stress and I truly believe that prayer and the love and support from our family has sustained her.

Which brings me to something that I feel the Lord has been dealing with me about for several weeks and that is our lack of a prayer life,both in our personal lives as well as in our churches.Oh sure,I know that we pray.But do we set aside time to really pray to the Father?

From where I sit on the front pew I often wonder what happened to that time in the service when we would gather and pray one for another.Sometimes I think we don’t do things like that because it would require us to open up to one another about what’s going on in our lives,but since we have been bombarded with teaching that says we aren’t supposed to have any issues that just wouldn’t do now would it?

Yet I feel the Lord giving me a fresh perspective on the importance of prayer.Not the Facebook kind of prayer where people flippantly toss around “I’ll pray for you”or “prayers being sent for you”.No,I’m referring to the kind of prayer that changes things,the kind of prayer that assails the throne room of Almighty God.

My wife recently gave me some sermon notes written by Jim Cymbala,pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle that deals with the very thing that the Lord has been dealing with me about.Here are a couple of paragraphs that speak to the topic at hand:

“The writer to the Hebrews nails down the most central activity of all Christians: “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). It doesn’t say, “Let us come to the sermon.” We in America have made the sermon the centerpiece of the church, something God never intended. Preachers who are really doing their job get people to come to the throne of grace. That’s the true source of grace and mercy.

To every preacher and every singer, God will someday ask, “Did you bring people to where the action could be found . . . at the throne of grace? If you just entertained them, if you just tickled their ears and gave them a warm, fuzzy moment, woe to you. At the throne of grace, I could have changed their lives.”

God has chosen prayer as His channel of blessing. He has spread a table for us with every kind of wisdom, grace and strength because He knows exactly what we need. But the only way we can get it is to pull up to the table and taste and see that the Lord is good. Pulling up to that table is called the prayer of faith.”

TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD,by Jim Cymbala | June 7, 2014

Prayer is not only important,it is critical to our well being and success in all that we have been called to do.For me personally,if I do not spend quality time alone with the Father I feel myself being drawn away by the cares of this life.And dare I say,if I do not pray regularly God Himself becomes an afterthought!

If there was ever a time when we have much to pray about it is right now.Won’t you join me is approaching the Throne of Glory?

Be blessed beloved,