Wars and rumors of wars… False prophets… Famines… Deception… Lawlessness…The love of many growing cold…


Jesus spoke very plainly in Matthew 24 about these things as He was describing the condition of this world just before He would come again.

I certainly get that. I’m neither blind nor deaf. I know what’s going on in the world. I expect these things to be happening all around me as the world pulls farther and farther away from the gospel of Jesus Christ.It is impossible that it could be any other way.

I did not however expect to see these very same things taking place in the Body of Christ. Let me explain….

My family and I frequently visit other churches as we are always looking for an opportunity to minister through word & song in as many places as we can. In our travels we occasionally come upon some pretty “unique” congregations that on the outside appear to be just another church,but once inside all bets are off!

Take this one for example: I was ministering in a church one evening and I couldn’t help notice that the church was very neatly organized,or divided,right down the center aisle.At first I thought little of it but as the service wore on I began to notice that there was a distinct difference between the two sides.

Well, determined to finish the message and deliver what I felt the Lord had sent me to deliver I kept going until I reached the end of the service.At the close of service I felt compelled to ask the people to come forward and pray. Now keep in mind that I had never been there before this so I had no way of knowing if this was an acceptable thing or not.

Imagine my great surprise when after a few moments of awkward silence one by one both sides began moving to the front of the church,tears streaming down their faces.People started hugging one another and asking for forgiveness as if there had been some terrible wrong committed.I soon learned that this church was indeed divided right down the middle.Were they ever! 

This congregation had been so divided that one side had not spoken with or fellow-shipped with the other for some time!Can you imagine this taking place in the house of God? Is this not unbelievable or what?

That’s why I titled this post “What Does The World Really Think Of Us?” I expect division outside the house of God. I know that tension and strife are the norms outside the church of God.What DOES the world think of us when we act like this?

From where I sit on the front row…..I just want to weep.

Be blessed,