A Watchman.Someone who watches over something valuable or important.A person who feels a personal responsibility to “cry out” while on his watch.There was a time when watchmen were considered an invaluable part of a city’s defense system for they were the first to sound the alarm.

Ezekiel was such a man.He was given a divine mandate to not only hear from the Lord but also to deliver the word to Israel.

“So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.”     Eze 33:7 

Ezekiel was a man of God.It was he who responded to the Lord with “send me” when the Lord looked for a man to declare His word to the nations.

Fast forward to today and ask yourself this: where are those who have been called out to be the watchmen over the church? Where are those who have been given the divine mandate to sound the alarm at the first sight of trouble? Where are those who love the church more than they love their position or the applause of men?

Friends, we are living in an age where men no longer have the courage to stand in their pulpits and declare the whole counsel of God.Instead they deliver insipid stories of how God is only interested in your personal wealth and health,all the while ignoring the sin that has a stranglehold upon us.Hirelings who have no power other than the power of persuasion to get you to give your money to them.

How is it that the wolves have free and unfettered access to the sheep? Is there no one left to sound the alarm,to declare that enough is enough?

To boldly take a stand for the truth regardless of the cost to life and position,will no one say “send me”?

Where have the watchmen of God gone?

Be blessed,and pray that the watchmen will once again arise and take their positions.