This past weekend’s Good Friday and Easter services have caused me to do a lot of thinking about my own relationship with God and the church. The funny thing is that the older I get the more I value relationship over religious membership.Maybe part of the reason for that is I have so few true relationships in my life. Relationship with God is possible of course because of the redemptive work of His Son Jesus Christ,while religious membership can generally be had by attending a few classes and agreeing to abide by certain tenants of one’s faith.I guess you could say one is freely given from above while the other is earned here below.

To my way of thinking there is unmeasurable value in this relationship with God because it is personal. God has invested Himself in us and that makes it very personal,while religious membership……not so much.

The TV commercials declare that “membership has it’s privileges”,but I’m not so sure any more.I’m more inclined to believe that those with a relationship with the Father enjoy the benefits,or privileges.At least the ones that matter.

Be blessed,