How Do We Love?

I talk about Christian love a lot. I believe it needs to be talked about, preached about, sung about, and most of all practiced…. a lot. Love is a gift from our Father in heaven, given freely to everyone who will accept it. But what do we do with it? Do we keep it bottled up inside of us? Do we share it with others? Do we only share it with a select few?

What’s the point of all of this you may ask? Well, I have been observing a very disturbing trend regarding the love of God. I have noticed that it is not so freely given away by we who are the recipients of this powerful gift. To be more precise, we give it to whom we will and we withhold it from whom we will. We have become very selective in who we deem worthy of our love, as if it is up to us to choose such a thing!

Someone told me long ago that love is a verb. It requires something of us, we must do something with it. It calls us to action. John said it best this way: “My little children,let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth“.     1st John 3:18

In other words, we love by doing! To say I love you, or I’ll pray for you sounds nice and oh so very Christian doesn’t it? Often I’ve heard someone mention a particular need that they have, only to have it fall upon deaf ears. We’re all guilty of it. We all fail at times to follow through on a prayer request, or to offer support when we have the means to do so. John told us we were not to love in word only, but in deed and truth. The church is to be an army of doers!

So… do you love? 

Be blessed,


One thought on “How Do We Love?

  1. Isn’t it the truth Levi? Sometimes I ask myself why do we make this so difficult? Isn’t this life of service for our Lord all about love? If love isn’t the great motivator in our lives, what in the world is?
    Be blessed!


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